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Posted 19-05-2017, 17:24 by UXGXT

Band Name Undeground Tower Aka UxGxT

Where Did Your Band Name Come From ? Original Member Agry And Bule Came With “Underground” However Arik Suggested A Slight Variation – “Undeground Tower”

Group Members ? Arik (guitar/ Lead Vox), FHK (bass/vox), Jacky (drums) , Tommy Boy ( Rhythm Vox )

Describe Your Sound : Slight Combination 80’s Hardcore Punk And Thrash With Melodic Tones In Vocal Vibes.

Who Are Your Influences, Musical Or Otherwise We Have Been Compared To Having Sound Somewhere In Between D.R.I And Black Flag

We Look To All Things For Inspiration, We All Come From Preety Diverse Background Both Musically And In Life. Our Lyrics Present An Outlook Or Hope And Brotherhood.

Where’s Your Basecam Studio ? Currently Rehearseal In Mamokiak Studio Tebet And Recording In EC3 Studio Rawamangun.

What’s Your Biggest Achievement/proudest Momen So Far ? Going To Release Our EP After Sleep For About 15 Years
Played In Several Big Event During 1997 – 2000, Such As PL Fair, Festival Alternatif In Stadion Menteng, Part Of Early Undeground Scene Movement With Friends Such RGB, Looserz, Betrayer.

What Are Your Plans For Future ? Release Our Full CD, Team Allied With Others Band Like: Noxa, Thrashline And More In Performing Couple Of Gigs Also Play Outside Indonesia.

What Makes You Laugh ? One Time At Band Camp

What Pisses You Off ? Promoter/venue That Try To Rip Off And/or Exploit Local Talent

What Are You Upcoming Gigs ? June , Date To Be Confirm In Maitrin Club Kayu Putih



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